Silicone Wristbands: More Than Just An Accessory

When it comes to fashion, accessories are a never ending trend. One particular accessory that is trendy nowadays is wristbands. Wristbands come in a variety of colors, types, and sizes and can be customizable according to the preferences of the user. Customizable wristbands often used for awareness campaigns, events, and promotions are usually made of silicone because of the pliable property of the material.

Following Are The Some Modern Uses Of Silicone Wristbands :

The use of silicone wristbands, also known as gel bracelets because of their gel-like property, was popularized in the early 2000’s due to awareness campaigns such as cancer campaigns and for promotional events. Their use in modern times has now breached the field of fashion, business and advocacy and is now a staple for trendsetters.

Silicone WristbandsIn the field of fashion, silicone wristbands are used to complement fashion ensembles and can be customized to fit the vision of the designers. These accessories are commonly bought from department stores, gift shops and fashion retail stores. Aside from the field of fashion, silicone wristbands can also be used to promote a business. For example, some businesses give out these wristbands for free to promote their brand. Also, the manufacture of such wristbands and their retail can also be a platform for the business itself since crafting these accessories and selling them can be a source of income.

As we often say, these wristbands also play a role in merchandising. For instance, these wristbands, especially due to their customizable aspect, can be manufacture to cater a movie franchise’s merchandise or sport merchandise perhaps; it all depends on the interests of consumers and fans. When it comes to advocacy, these accessories are also useful. For example, when election season comes, these wristbands could be fabricated to promote an advocacy of a politician and thus can be used to disseminate information to voters.

Silicone wristbands can be made in two general ways: hand-crafting and large scale manufacturing.

Generally, these wristbands are made using silicone, a polymer that has elastomeric qualities which make it both flexible and water resistant. Hand crafted wristbands are made using tube molds in which silicone rubber is extruded into and then compressed to the desired thickness. If a specific color is desired, the silicone rubber is dyed before the extrusion process. Once the desired strip of silicone is made the ends are attached together by heating in order to produce a band with the desired circumference that would fit the wrist of the user.

If customization is required, a silicone wristband can be altered in several ways. First, it can be debossed in which an imprint mold is used to print a specific word or phrase into the wristband. Second, the wristband can embossed a process similar to debossing but the end design features raised letters that protrudes the surface of the wristband. Third, these wristbands can be colored debossed, a debossing process that makes use of color recessions to make texts more visible. Lastly, these wristbands can be screen-printed wherein the text is directly printed unto the surface of the wristband using a color that is different from the wristband color itself.

WristbandsFor large scale manufacturing of silicone wristbands, machines such as silicone wristband printers and mechanical silicone molds are used. An example of the said printer is a silk screen printer. In silk screen printing, a mesh is use do put ink onto the surface of a wristband, except in areas covered by stencil. By the use of this equipment, more wristbands are produced and designed because of the accuracy and speed of the printing process.

Another machine is the mechanical silicone mold which allows the production of the different sizes of wristbands for large scale production. The mold includes a compressor to mandate the thickness of the resulting wristband and works efficiently with the mold to accurately produce a product that is of desired size and thickness. Large scale manufacture of silicone wristband is necessary to accommodate requests from clients that cater to events that involve populations of people. Thus, manufacturing process of these wristbands is related to its intended purpose.

Overall, silicone wristband is a type of wristband that is ever expanding, brought about by the development of technology and trends, and not to be taken lightly because not only does it span a multitude of purposes, it also reflects the fashion taste and beliefs of a person – being crafted from that person’s individual interest. We firmly believe that the silicone wristband is not only a fashion accessory but also a symbol endowed on the wrist to spread ideas and unite people.

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