More than coins: Your coins as the perfect rewards

Rewards, in general

Rewards are given for two primary reasons: (1) to compensate someone for his/her services and work; and (2) to motivate him/her to perform better.

custom-coinsContrary to traditional notion, not all rewards are monetary in nature. Anything, actually, can serve as a reward – a ticket to a baseball game, a free meal, or a day off from work. But one does not simply give a reward and expect that he/she has successfully compensated or motivated the recipient. The proper reward to be given depends on the need that is being met.

Rewards and needs

Money works incredibly well for economic needs. However, more often than not, one’s needs go above what Maslow describes as physiological needs. Sometimes, especially when one feels down, one simply needs a tap on the back, or a listening ear, or a confidence booster. In those moments of sadness, money wouldn’t work. Symbolic things, such as trophies, medals or certificates – all signifying accomplishment – would, however, easily do the trick and raise one’s morale.

Custom coins as rewards

We think you can give out coins as rewards, but no, not as money. We suggest you give away custom coins designed through our system at It’s your specialized, personalized, and designed-as-detailed-as-you-would-want-it-to-be kind of coin – the perfect reward for your hardworking employees, students and staff.

Let us explain why we think coins are perfect rewards by differentiating them from other forms of rewards.

1.    Firstly, coins are tangible unlike special mentions made by one’s manager in the office. Commendations are good, but they’d certainly be better if they are in some visible and physical form.

2.    Secondly, they are long-lasting unlike certificates. We have over 10 metal styles at and each of them is sure to beat a certificate in a durability test.

3.    Thirdly, coins, because of their small size, are more portable than trophies. They can be kept in one’s pocket, easily within reach. Anytime one needs to clasp it, it’s readily available.

4.    Fourthly, in terms of style, they are much more classical than fancy items, say, paperweights or ID laces that are given as rewards. This gives the coins an air of formality, which makes them more suitable as reward items.

5.    Lastly, coins give a feeling of association or membership, which specialized gifts (given as rewards) do not. For example, one of your employees did a wonderful talk in your weekly meeting, and you’d like to recognize him/her. You can probably buy him/her a pen, personalize it with his/her name, and he/she will probably like it. But, we think he/she would like it more if you would give him/her a special coin of your design and manufactured by our team at

custom-coinWhy are custom coins perfect as rewards?

Specialized coins balance, on the one hand, uniqueness or individuality and, on the other hand, conformity or belongingness with a group.

Custom coins are unique because, every design is different from all other coins, and from all other rewards. For example, if you’d ask our team at to make one for you, there’s got to be no other black nickel coin with your company’s logo anywhere in the world. Because of this uniqueness, your coin becomes special and significant.

At the same time, custom coins still belong to a group. They are not alone. There are other coins out there, perhaps one more, or 99 more. There are other coins out there held by other persons for the same reasons as the one who has just received his/her special coin. Because of their plurality, they group individuals who would otherwise not have been bonded together. This association, as explained in number 5 above, makes the coin special as well.

Ultimately, both of these characteristics give a custom coin that special feeling of prestige, membership and association. You can rest assured that our coins at, crafted with tip-top quality, would be worthy tokens of recognition that you can give your well-deserving employees, students and staff.

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