Application Software – Development and Common Issues

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software computingA computer without software is just a piece of machine, which is of no use to anybody. The importance of application software is now known to one and all. Application software is nothing but a series of instructions which are given to the computer by the user to perform certain tasks. The application software is wide range of functionality and technologies which has been written using different software language. For E.g. to print a task, we need to write a script in such a way that the minute you press on the printer icon, the printer should be evoked and the input should come out as an output.

An application software which has functionality like the use of word processor or manipulating numbers requires heavy coding written in some language by the programmers. It may look very simple for an end user like but the truth is for clicking from one function to another, there is a set of 100-1000++ lines written by the ones who made the software. In today’s technology aspect, software development probably comes with ten of thousands lines of codes, or more.

With new technology coming up and rapid advancement, amid organizational needs growing too soon, it becomes almost impossible to have the same set of instructions for two different domains. Like for example a financial organization and a hospital will have two different set of needs, they can’t have the same application software.

In fact the software should be such that it can be changed at any point of time whenever required by the user. Plus also the care should be taken that all the languages that are being used should work on any operating system. For example if I have a Linux system and my neighbor has a Windows operating system, and we use the same application software for our work, then care should be taken that the application software should work on both the operating system.

Software development and testBefore application software is launched by any organization, it goes through a series of test and only when it is found to be good to use, do they launch it in the market. It is very essential that on case of new software launch, these software tests to be done by group of people. It is recommended that more than one person will test the launch, because there can be chances that if only one person is doing it then the issues could possibly be overlooked. If more than one person does it, the issues will at least come under scope and someone can then work for the changes.

There are few tips that you can consider before you buy application software.

  • Check for the authenticity of the software. There are lots of pirated versions which are up in the market, and most of them end up buying from them but what they don’t realize is that it can completely change the performance of their computer.
  • Pirated software should be avoided as they come with their quota of virus.
  • Check that your application software has an activation key and keeps checking for updates if any.

So these are some of the common issues about application software and the development, they are very useful hence it is recommended that you wisely invest in it.

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