How to Design a Printed Circuit Board

Manufacturing a printed circuit board really takes time. It’s not easy to design them either. If you’ve thought about making your own PCB, follow this guide.

Look for a good computer- aided design system. There are manufacturers who offer free options or at a low-cost for printed circuit board design. These are the things you should consider when you find one.Pcb

• Is it the design used by many people? Before buying or considering a design, ask yourself this question first. If there are a lot of users using the design, it is more likely for you to find parts that you need for the circuit board, or simply find anyone to help you figure out a problem should it arise.

• How easy it is to use. Of course, you need a design that is easy to use else you would not want to use it, would you?

• Since circuit board designs are free, the manufacturer may not allow you to upgrade or place too many layers or components. Before you consider getting one, ask the manufacturer if they do allow you to modify it. This is important especially if the electronic you will be using would require too many layers. Complicated device doesn’t run on single- sided layers. To make sure you get your money’s worth, check if they offer unlimited upgrades or modifications to the printed circuit board designs.

• If the manufacturer has a forum for PCBs, look at what other users have done to theirs. Perhaps, you can get good ideas from them, especially if your electronic device demands complicated components.

• Constant practice makes perfect. You may fail at your first ever printed circuit board design. Do not despair; you can always do better next time. That’s why it is essential for you to also review other people’s design to get more ideas.

• Expect much, but not too much. You may encounter a lot of problem with your first ever design. That is okay as you can do modifications. Just keep trying until you perfect your design. Who knows, if it gets too popular you might be able to sell it.

When you’ve done all these, assemble your PCB in an extremely clean environment. The components must be free from contamination else they might not work properly.

To give you an idea a circuit board is made, read this guide. These are the steps manufacturers use to make circuit boards.

• Fiber glass is unwound from a roll and passes through an oven then cut into large panels.

• They are then stacked in layers and placed in the oven with a temperature of 340 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is enough to tightly bond the foil to the surface.

• For multi- layers boards, the panels of substrate are pinned together and placed in a CNC machine for hole-drilling. The holes are then plated with copper.

Printed circuit board• A copper foil is placed on the surface of the substrate and plated with another copper. And then it is sprayed with an acid solution. Once done, the panels are then sealed. Each of the panels is sealed with epoxy for protection. It might get damaged while components are attached.

• The last step is to cut the panels in individual boards. It passes through several machines to place the components in then soldered to the circuits. You can either use surface mount technology for soldering the components

Inspections will be made throughout the process to detect flaws in the circuit boards. They either do electrical or visual inspections for these. Once i

Here we are sharing some tips about designing of Printed circuit board. If you want to know more about Printed circuit boards visit our website and contact to us. 

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