The Use of Computer Application Software in Various Fields

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computer techNow since most of us computer daily, you must be aware of the physical parts and tangible part of the computer. The hardware, the central processing unit and the monitor altogether just forms the machine. The machine is of no use until and unless you have uploaded an operating system.

Once the operating system is installed the next thing that you ideally need to take care of installing the correct software. There are various applications that we use on a daily basis – and most of them we use are applications which help us in getting our tasks done in a systematic manner. These applications are termed as computer application software.

Today, we will dig more in details, as to what are the uses of computer application software. Take any industry that you want banking, media, training, research and many more. In all the places they use the computer application software. Let’s see where all the software has been used:-

Training :
One of the major places where application software has been used is the training industry. Be it training to become a doctor or be it training to become a pilot, in both these case they are taught things through simulation. Virtual learning, that’s how it is more popular. With the help of application software, you almost feel like you are performing the stunts by yourself. This has been quiet a hit and now has started to be used in more and more hospitals , medical fields, and flying institutes. You learn as well as feel that you are doing it on your own.

Video Games :
future techComputer games and Multimedia development have caught the fancy of the world. How do you think they are made ? Well, they just are another form of application software that has been used. Video games are basically applications which are based on user inputs.

Utilities :
Microsoft office is amongst of the most popular application software to be used in the world. The popularity of MS Office Suite has rarely reduced and it has been used by one and all. This application software is identified as application suite because there are many applications which share the same functions, the same process and yet are different. These applications are used for blogging, to keeping tabs of different expenses, for working on huge chunks of data.  Truly, a life without MS Office can be hardly thought of.

Entertainment :
The use of application software can be seen in the media. Be it print media or television it has been used widely. Animated films, graphics are all done using the application software. They have software which is useful for sound and video composition.

Financial Domain :
A bank or any other financial institution at present can’t think of their life without application software. For even the smallest of transactions are now done based on application software.

The other uses of application software are visible in accounting, desktop publishing, computer aided design, multimedia and many more.

We can’t ignore the fact that application software has been gaining access to most of the things in life, but nobody is complaining. In fact it is one of the good findings.

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