Computer Software and Application Suite – Types and Common Usage

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computer softwareBy now we are almost familiar with the concepts of application software. If not application software is nothing but a kind of computer software which helps the user in performing one or many tasks. It has been used by people on an everyday basis thereby making it almost an essential part of our life. The basic things that we make use of like MS word, MS excel are all a good example of computer application software that most of us have been using daily.

This computer application software has been classified in different ways. Few of them are listed below:
An application suite :
As the name itself suggests, an application suite is a type of computer application suite where in a lot of applications are bundled together. The way an application suite works is, it has a lot of same functions, same features and almost the same user interface. In fact the benefit of an application suite is that in spite of being different application with almost same functionality, but the applications are able to network with different applications at the same point of time.

Let’s take an example of application software that belongs to the category of application suite. Like a Microsoft office, in this there are various applications like a word, excel and an Access. Though they are different application but they exist in a single suite that is Microsoft office. Here they have more or less the same functions in all the applications but the purpose of each is different. You can take classes at CSI for further education. This is by far the most popular of all the computer application system that appears in the market.

The other type of application software is Enterprise Software :
Enterprise Software OracleThis kind of application software is generally used in big corporate organizations where it looks after the needs of the complete company processes and the data. In this case the process and the data are used by a larger audience. The examples of enterprise software are Supply chain management, Customer relationship management or financial management.

Depending on the software modules, Enterprise level software could also be extended for broader usage in strategic business planning and so on.

Another secondary set of enterprise software is departmental software. In this case it caters to the need of smaller group and organizations that exists in the company.

The next type of application software is Enterprise Infrastructure Software :
As the name itself suggests it acts as a support to enterprise software. The enterprise infrastructure software helps in providing common capabilities. The best example of enterprise infrastructure software are databases like Sybase, Oracle, VMWare etc, then we have another example in the form of Network management and security Management, Email server etc.

Another form of application software is Education Software :
Well, this type of software is quiet a hit in the education world. This software is typically used for access of contents. The contents are ideally used by the student members or the faculty members. These applications is used majority for educative purposes like to deliver the evaluation tests, helps in tracking results through the material that is available or for various education related functions.

These are few of the application software that is being used currently, and each of these are being used by people around the globe in one or the other way.

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