Six Common Mistakes Of A Motivational Speaker And How To Get Away With Them

Motivational speakers, especially the novices, may also commit mistakes from time to time. The only thing that separates the pros and the experienced ones from the amateurs and novices is the ability to compensate and adjust to mistakes.

Do not let some mistakes take you down. Know what to avoid and how to make up for them by learning from these mistakes.

1. Keeping an “it’s my time to shine” mindset.

keynote speakersSorry to break the news, but your job as a motivational speaker entails you to act as a messenger by setting examples and giving enlightening perspectives, not to hog the spotlight and show that you are God’s gift to mankind. Yes, you are practically your best example, but remember that your goal is not to receive admiration but to share inspiration and motivation. It is about the audience, not you.

Focus on how your experiences, knowledge, and wisdom can help them, rather than focus on how you have gained them.

2. Relying too much on stock knowledge and standard research.

Many motivational speakers get away with using standard research to tackle generic and overused topics. They make something old look like new by adding their own style in the delivery and explanation. For more knowledge about  motivational speakers click here However, while this strategy works in a lot of ways, it also limits the motivational speaker from getting too intimate with the audience. His style might make him memorable at first, but without something new to offer, his name has nowhere to go but into oblivion.

The best way to deal with a certain topic is not to deliver a tried-and-true formula but to find a new formula that will work best with your particular audience. You can do this by knowing what they really need, what their problems are, what their common backgrounds are, and why they fail to solve their problems.

3. Using a lot of attention-grabbing multimedia presentations.

Okay, people nowadays have short attention span, so you have to constantly get them hooked by showing entertaining, intriguing, and spectacular multimedia presentations. They are necessary to keep boredom at bay and add multiple layers of interest and enthusiasm in your overall presentation. You have to remember though that the audience are there to listen to you and not to watch long presentation and remain in awe for minutes.

Multimedia presentation should never eat up more than 10% of your total time. Multimedia presentations are there to make your points clearer and add breaks to your rather long speech.

4. Focusing too much on the speech and less on the audience.

It is natural for a motivational speaker to focus on his speech and stay with the program, which covers the sections, presentations, blocking, pauses, and spiels. However, some speakers focus too much that they completely forget to interact with their audience. That is a big no-no since the audience need to feel that they are being heard.

Remaining sensitive throughout the program is important because it allows you to respond according to the audience’s reaction.

5. Spoon-feeding the audience.

Good SpeakerA motivational speaker is supposed to give answers, right? Doing your job is supposed to make you helpful. However, when you leave them with nothing else to think about, you only become a speaker, not a motivational speaker. Motivation should come from within them, and your job is to guide them with your wisdom and perspectives when they are looking for it. You cannot force the audience to listen to you without encouraging them to decide for themselves the value of your words.

You are there to motivate and they, to heed. You are not there to merely talk and they, to simply listen. Raise arguments, leave questions, and challenge their beliefs. Let them accept or decline what you have to offer. What is important is that you leave them with something to think about once they get home.

6. Moving too big on the stage.

Some popular motivational speakers do move big on stage. Eric Thomas is perhaps one of the best examples. Appearing animated and energetic on stage is not really a problem for motivational speakers. In fact, a lot of people prefer this kind of presentation because it makes them entertained and inspired at the same time.

However, whenever you move on stage as part of your presentation, you always have to consider the authenticity of your movements, gestures, and expressions to avoid making yourself look too theatrical. Do not move if you are uncomfortable with it. Do not force your body if you do not feel like doing it. There is a thin line between appearing enthusiastic and appearing awkward, so better not cross it.

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Silicone Wristbands: More Than Just An Accessory

When it comes to fashion, accessories are a never ending trend. One particular accessory that is trendy nowadays is wristbands. Wristbands come in a variety of colors, types, and sizes and can be customizable according to the preferences of the user. Customizable wristbands often used for awareness campaigns, events, and promotions are usually made of silicone because of the pliable property of the material.

Following Are The Some Modern Uses Of Silicone Wristbands :

The use of silicone wristbands, also known as gel bracelets because of their gel-like property, was popularized in the early 2000’s due to awareness campaigns such as cancer campaigns and for promotional events. Their use in modern times has now breached the field of fashion, business and advocacy and is now a staple for trendsetters.

Silicone WristbandsIn the field of fashion, silicone wristbands are used to complement fashion ensembles and can be customized to fit the vision of the designers. These accessories are commonly bought from department stores, gift shops and fashion retail stores. Aside from the field of fashion, silicone wristbands can also be used to promote a business. For example, some businesses give out these wristbands for free to promote their brand. Also, the manufacture of such wristbands and their retail can also be a platform for the business itself since crafting these accessories and selling them can be a source of income.

As we often say, these wristbands also play a role in merchandising. For instance, these wristbands, especially due to their customizable aspect, can be manufacture to cater a movie franchise’s merchandise or sport merchandise perhaps; it all depends on the interests of consumers and fans. When it comes to advocacy, these accessories are also useful. For example, when election season comes, these wristbands could be fabricated to promote an advocacy of a politician and thus can be used to disseminate information to voters.

Silicone wristbands can be made in two general ways: hand-crafting and large scale manufacturing.

Generally, these wristbands are made using silicone, a polymer that has elastomeric qualities which make it both flexible and water resistant. Hand crafted wristbands are made using tube molds in which silicone rubber is extruded into and then compressed to the desired thickness. If a specific color is desired, the silicone rubber is dyed before the extrusion process. Once the desired strip of silicone is made the ends are attached together by heating in order to produce a band with the desired circumference that would fit the wrist of the user.

If customization is required, a silicone wristband can be altered in several ways. First, it can be debossed in which an imprint mold is used to print a specific word or phrase into the wristband. Second, the wristband can embossed a process similar to debossing but the end design features raised letters that protrudes the surface of the wristband. Third, these wristbands can be colored debossed, a debossing process that makes use of color recessions to make texts more visible. Lastly, these wristbands can be screen-printed wherein the text is directly printed unto the surface of the wristband using a color that is different from the wristband color itself.

WristbandsFor large scale manufacturing of silicone wristbands, machines such as silicone wristband printers and mechanical silicone molds are used. An example of the said printer is a silk screen printer. In silk screen printing, a mesh is use do put ink onto the surface of a wristband, except in areas covered by stencil. By the use of this equipment, more wristbands are produced and designed because of the accuracy and speed of the printing process.

Another machine is the mechanical silicone mold which allows the production of the different sizes of wristbands for large scale production. The mold includes a compressor to mandate the thickness of the resulting wristband and works efficiently with the mold to accurately produce a product that is of desired size and thickness. Large scale manufacture of silicone wristband is necessary to accommodate requests from clients that cater to events that involve populations of people. Thus, manufacturing process of these wristbands is related to its intended purpose.

Overall, silicone wristband is a type of wristband that is ever expanding, brought about by the development of technology and trends, and not to be taken lightly because not only does it span a multitude of purposes, it also reflects the fashion taste and beliefs of a person – being crafted from that person’s individual interest. We firmly believe that the silicone wristband is not only a fashion accessory but also a symbol endowed on the wrist to spread ideas and unite people.

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From Surgical Weight Loss to HCG Liquid Drops

There are a lot of dietary supplements out there, guaranteeing weight loss for an approximate time. However, they are either inconvenient or do not work at all.

HCG liquid drops works and we will not even notice that much change in our lifestyle. It is not a hoax; HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) encourages weight loss by burning stored fat. Dr. ATW Simeons was able to discover this during his study on pregnant women on a low calorie diet. He noticed that the women experienced fat loss without losing muscle mass. This prompted him to delve more into the use of HCG as a weight loss tool. In his time, HCG had to be injected to work. However, we have made it even more convenient and less painful. From being injectables, HCG doses now come in drop form.

HCG_DietMany would say that taking HCG orally is impossible, and that its promised effects are all a hoax. Well, we know that HCG is a hormone already present in our bodies. A hormone cannot be added into an acidic environment or else the protein structure of HCG will start to break down. The main question now is this – how does the body absorb the HCG if not through injection?

The answer to that is through the tongue. The tongue is actually part of the digestive tract. There are some medications and supplements that have to be chewed to be absorbed into the body. A good example of this is children’s vitamin c supplements. Most of them are chewable not just to boost acceptability, but to ensure absorption. Once the whole tablet has been chewed to small pieces, the powder is eventually absorbed by the soft tissues found inside the mouth.

The same is true for liquid HCG. All we have to is drop the HCG under the tongue and let it stay there for at least fifteen minutes. This allows the solution to be absorbed by the system without any need for injection. After that time, the remaining solution can be swallowed.

It is imperative to take note, though, that there should be no intake of food fifteen minutes before and after taking HCG. The presence of food increases the release of enzymes that break down protein to ease digestion. Even in our mouths, there are enzymes found in the saliva that break down food. So, the presence of food can inhibit the absorption of HCG.

After HCG has been absorbed, we can experience its benefits. The ultimate benefit of HCG is that it tells our body to burn the fat instead of muscle. Normally, the food that we eat is the source of our energy. If a person has not eaten anything for quite some time, the body uses muscles as a source of energy. Protein produces more energy than fat. However, HCG is able to interfere with that normal cycle. The best part of this is that HCG will bring no harm because it is also present in our bodies.

We can easily say that HCG is similar to having a liposuction. Liposuction sucks all the fat away, while HCG burns all the fat away. The difference between the two is that the latter is non-invasive and much more economical. As you probably know liposuction is an expensive procedure, not to mention it would take time for the wounds to heal. Of course, the presence of wounds also translates to risks of infection and other complications.

Since HCG essentially uses up the body’s excess fat stores, there is no need for vigorous exercise. Exercise increases the metabolism of the body, prompting the body to burn off all available sources of energy. With HCG, even without vigorous movement, fat is continually being burned.

The hunger pangs after the exercise are also curbed with HCG. After exercise, the body is spent and looks for a source of energy. We will usually find ourselves looking for sweets. When we use HCG, our appetite is decreased because the body doesn’t end up physically exhausted. Furthermore, fuel is continuously being replenished due to the constant burning of fats.

HCG drops, coupled with a diet plan, will surely give us the best results. By lessening our food intake, we are not adding to the current percentage of fats that we have in our bodies. That being said, it should not be surprising to learn that with HCG drops, we can experience daily weight loss of one to two pounds. After all, the HCG works round the clock, even while we sleep. The diet plan includes a 500-calorie phase, ensuring that fat won’t end up being stored once again.

As pointed out, HCG drops work best with a diet plan, which we can provide for you. We have a wide array of plans available just for you, and each plan comes with a comprehensive guide on what to eat and what not to eat. Unlike other diet plans that totally restrict certain food groups, the HCG diet is synonymous with choices when it comes to meals. In other words, if you choose to avail of our offerings, you’ll surely lose weight – in the most pleasant way possible.


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